Generosity is an act of spirituality.
Let someone with a similar heart and values assist you in your charitable giving.

The Gideons Donor-Advised Fund works like a savings account
for charitable giving but offers many features:

  • Fund compounds in growth. You can add to your fund any time.
  • Immediate tax benefits every time you add to your fund.
  • Make grants of any size to charities once a month.
  • Handle all of your gift-giving through your DAF, even to your church and other charities.
  • Your grant can be completely anonymous.
  • Assign advisors or successors to continue your gift-giving.

The Gideons DAF is administered by The Gideons International.

To have someone contact you about The Gideons DAF, click on the button below.

Or you can contact Tim Blankenship at The Gideons International
to learn more about The Gideons Donor-Advised Fund.

Tim Blankenship, CCNL, Senior Planned Giving Officer